Monday 24 October 2011

Sunshine, Starbucks, Shopping and Sunday Sewing

Wasn't today a lovely day!  (Well it was here, and in London, hope it was where you live too!)  I have a week off as it's half term here, so Lisa and I met up at Camden Market.  Golly, it's bigger than I remember it when I was her age!

Anyway we walked miles and miles, and did some shopping - got a few Christmas pressies - and sat in the sunshine having a Starbucks watching the boats go through the lock, bliss!

Yesterday, Sunday, I managed to get quite a lot of sewing done, but didn't get around to posting anything here.

This Disappearing 9 patch got basted, quilted, and the binding got attached to the front, and partially hand stitched to the back

This one, Flower (to the) Power (of 9), also got basted, and quilted and had the binding attached to the front, and is in the hand sewing pile waiting for something decent on TV.  Admittedly neither are on the to-be-done-soon list, but if I can get them finished by the craft fair in 3 weeks I might earn some money, so that makes them quite important!

Think I'm done with alliteration for now, except I'm feeling sleepy, so I shall slink off and snooze between the sheets!!!


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