Friday 14 October 2011

Finally I feel at home again

Having not even switched on my PC for a week, it is lovely to be back in front of it, and able to blog properly. The iPad is all very well, but nothing blogs like a pc!!!

I managed to clear a path to the computer and the workbench by moving huge amounts of stuff into Lisa's room [Hi sweetie, I will clear it before you next come home, love you x x x], and I've taken photos of various shopping treats as I unearthed them.

I have about a zillion unread emails, so while I look at them, you can feat you eyes on some seriously yummy fabrics!

I have been asked to make another cream baby quilt ...

And these next two collections are both heading for girly I-Spy quilts.  These six were from my local quilting shop

and these five were from Knitting & Stitching show at Alexandra Palace

Also at Ally Pally I fell in love with a few (!) buttons

and a few ribbons

And I also bought the one item actually on my list ... a 12 pack of Aurifil threads (be still my beating heart).  The lovely people on the stall were happy for me to find the best-fit pack, and then change the ones I didn't think I would use much for another 4 colours!

Now I need to embroider a baby's blanket for a customer, but after that, I can cut and sew and cut and sew :-)


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