Saturday 1 October 2011

at last, a basted quilt

Whilst I cant quite claim a finished quilt today, I have managed to baste and assemble (with some QAYG quilting) a quilt top for a customer.  Debbie asked for cream fabrics, but other than that she has left it all to me.

This top started as three nine patches, where each nine patch was made of pieced corners and either pieced or plain middles, and a plain centre.  I then cut the 9 patches into quarters, giving me 12 units, which I twisted and turned until I liked the arrangement.  So it is a Disappearing 9 Patch (D9P) but with pieced corners.  The photo isn't too good, but I am very happy with the assortment of blocks

It just needs a border and binding, and then I have earned some money!

In other news . . . 

I found some scrummy vintage sheets in Mother in Law's loft, and am looking forward to cutting into these

My youngest daughter has come out as a super hero (here she is at work as Bat Girl with Banana Man!!!)

And my washing machine tried to eat my bra, despite me having put in into a bra wash bag, grrrrrr

That's all for now, I think it's time for grub!


  1. Great job on getting the quilt done, and fab find on the sheets! I don't recall Bat Girl and Banana Man ever getting it together, but I'll take your word for it that it's a match made in heaven ;o) Boo to the lingerie munching washing machine though...

  2. Those vintage sheets are pretty!

    Good job on getting the quilt basted. Looking good! :)

  3. Didn't she do well! I'm so pleased Debbie's quilt turned out as you hoped - looks lovely. Glad you still have time for a bit of relaxing/enjoyable sewing! xxx


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