Tuesday 1 November 2011

I can't crochet

I can't crochet, but it seems that Lisa can!

She has done a couple of blankets, but has needed one of the little old ladies at church to start her off with a square, then she can go round and round it, getting bigger every time.

We bought some wool at Knitting and Stitching show, and she and Jackie had a one-to-one in the car on the drive back.  It was not made easy by Lisa sitting in the back of the car, with the hook and the wool, and Jackie sat in the front, twisting round trying to give instructions "yes, like that, two of those, no not through that hole, through that hole, loop it round again, through the same hole, now through the next hole, now another one . . ."

Anyway much as I laughed at the chat, it must have worked, as I got this postcard from Lisa:

and she has nearly finished a first scarf too :-)

Thank you Jackie, and well done Lisa


  1. Heh, sounds like a mad way to learn :oD I'm allergic to wool, but my mum did attempt to teach me to crochet with best 'polyester wool' last year, and nearly fell off the sofa she was laughing so much... needless to say, I can't crochet either ;o)

  2. I am so jealous of people who can crochet!

  3. Lovely postcard,well done Lisa, I'm looking forward to seeing the scarf. I'm so proud of my star pupil! Glad you enjoyed the lesson Benta!

  4. I had a dream I was crocheting the other night... I believe I am going slowly mad =) very nearly finished scarf 1, just need to figure out how to put the two ends together =) then on to scarf 2! Am guna try and get hold of some same-colour wool and make a more flowery looking flower =) very excitied about my new skill =)

    Thank you Jackie!!!!


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