Monday 14 November 2011

The Reds are reducing

I've managed to take a few more paniccy red projects off the list on the right, thank goodness, as it's now just 16 sleep until I go to Australia - and I have a girly weekend in Vienna to squeeze in before that too!

To into the "FINISHED" category go . . . 

. . . .An I-Spy quilt for mum's boss's new granddaughter

. . . And Christmas Sacks for one of the teachers I used to work with, and for the nephew and niece in Australia (the naughty / good is only to show the design, not to indicate the Lucy is naughty, or that Marley and Indi are good!!!)

In other news this weekend, Mum finished Lisa's VERY warm wool jumper, exactly to specifications:
  • warm wool - check
  • mottled wool that mustn't go stripy when knitted - check
  • big neck - check
  • not the big cable on the pattern, but not plain at the front - check
  • long enough to cover her bum - check
  • holes about 3 inches from the end of the sleeves so she can put her thumbs through - check
 I think Lisa looks rather pleased with it!

And Niki finished an I-Spy quilt for her friend Jade's new baby sister, Maisie. 

Cheesy grin, but permitted given the great job she has done (and this is the daughter who claims she DOESN'T sew!!!)


  1. Um, excuse me, girly weekend to factor in as well? Definitely no time for blogging, mush, mush!

  2. Too much holidaying fun to not be completely jealous of - and jumpers with thumb holes - brilliant!!

    Great makes ladies x

  3. Fantastic makes, the quilts, the jumper, absolutelyb gorgwous and a globetrotter too, a trip to Australia sounds fantastic, I'd love to visit there.

  4. Wow, Lisa's jumper is wonderful, well done to your mum for meeting that very specific list of wants and don't wants. Love the I-Spy quilts, am thinking DH would like one filled with his favourite things, must get the brain in gear as well as the sewing machine. Need loads more info about your trip to Australia!!!!

  5. That sweater is gorgeous! Or jumper rather...

    Niki did great on her ispy quilt! Baby and mom will love it! :)

  6. Great quilts! You're a very creative family. And I'm so envious of Lisa's jumper:)

  7. Thanks to all your blogger friends for the nice comments about Lisa's jumper - I really enjoyed knitting it and so pleased Lisa liked it. Congratulations to Niki on her quilt too!!!

  8. Well done Mum on the beautiful jumper, lucky Lisa, well done Niki on your quilt!


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