Monday 28 November 2011

Greetings from Vienna

I had a great time, a few photos just for a laugh - I hope you love my new hat

We visited 5 or 6 Christmas Markets

And saw lots of "Hummm, I could make those" things

And lots of pretty lights

And drank a fair amount of Gluewein (brilliant idea, the mugs come with the drink for a small deposit, so you can drink while you are shopping, then return the mug to any drink stall at that market, and get your 2 euro back, or keep the mug). Nicky, Liz and Liz

We did sit outside with hot chocolate, thanks to the Ikea blankets provided by the cafe, Jane

And this is Hayley showing us a big pair of Mozart's Balls
 (Sue, how did you manange to avoid photos?)


  1. Love the wig! And that cup scheme sounds great. Have a lovely time!

  2. Oh yes, that hat is SOOOOO you :oD Glad you had such a fab weekend, I think I'd have been going round those stalls with notebooks or a camera to work out what to try and make when I got home!

  3. Oh Mozartkugeln - my most favourite chocolates!!!! Never seen such bigguns before!
    Looked like a great weekend x

  4. Looks like you had such a fun time. I absolutely love your new hat!!

  5. You do get about! Are you not off on a long trip this week too? Have a good time. Annabelle x

  6. Looks like you a lot of fun !! Love Gluehwein, too ... time to visit a Christmas market soon !!

  7. I love the hat!!
    I went to a local club rugby match recently where they ran a similar system with mugs!

  8. Lovely hat Benta, you all look as if yuo had a fab time.

  9. Looks fun but chilly, great mug scheme.

  10. I love the new hat, too ... and hope that if you are still traveling, you are able to check email because YOU ARE A BLOCK LOTTO WINNER!!!

    I need to hear from you ASAP!

  11. Round, round, round round you get around......! Looks like fun!

  12. 1st love the hat made me chuckle. Sew nice to know that wee girl inside oh you likes to come out to your pics are wonderful ..always nice to see pics of other countries nd their celebration custom

  13. Hi Benta, I'm so happy for you because you were able to visit Vienna! It must be so wonderful this time of the year with all the festive decorations, lights and Christmas fairs! You would be a great vikign!
    Ikea blankets are really useful - I made a cute Christmas tree with the edges of one white blanket!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xxx Teje


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