Wednesday 23 November 2011

SLIK and Quick covered bag

I LOVE these covered bags

So much space inside, but also lovely and safe as the contents are covered, and the draw string can be put over your arm along with the straps to prevent anyone from helping themselves.

I made a number of these bags earlier in the year: they are based on Ayumi's (Pink Penguin) lunch bags, but I scaled them up to make handbags.  And then I lost the scrap of paper that I wrote the handbag size measurements on!!!

Luckily Jackie had made a note of them when she was last here, and she emailed them back to me, but I felt it was time I recorded them somewhere that I wouldn't lose them!

Refer to Ayumi's instructions if you want to make these for the first time, as they are very detailed, and loads of very clear photos, what follows here is more of a reminder, using different measurements

So I cut two pieces of canvas like fabric at 18" wide, 14" deep and stitched them RST at the sides and at the bottom.  I did the same for the lining fabric

Not shown - I added a full width pocket on the lining fabric before I joined the pieces, and stitched a few vertical lines to divide it into sections.  This lining fabric is very stiff, if it wasn't I would have added stabiliser

I squared off (or boxed off) the corners to make a flat bottom, stitching where the line measures 5 inches (Ayumi shows this very clearly)  This needs to be done for the bag and the lining.

Next I made the handles.  I like mine quite long so I can use one hand to put the bag onto my shoulder.  I cut two strips 28" by 5".  I folded each one in half lengthwise, an then opened it out.  I folded each side in to meet the fold and folded along the fold, and pinned.  I stitched both the open side and the folded side.

Then I made the rim for the bag.  Two pieces cut at 18inches (bag width plus seam allowance) by 2 inches

Join the each rim piece as a circle, press open.  Place them together RST, and put the handles in between them as shown.  I measured the handles starting 4" from the bag's side seam

Stitch the rim where the pins are shown, open and re pin, and then top stitch.

Assemble lining inside bag (wrong sides together), and the rim on the outside, straps hanging down, and stitch with scantest possible seam

Next take thinner, patchwork, cotton for the cover.  Cut to finish at bag width (so in this case 34") by 10".  Joint to make a tube, but leave two inches at one end.  Open the opening into a V shape and stitch down opening (go back and forth a few times over the seam)

Make casing for ribbon

Take the cover, and put it, top down, RST, over the bag, lining up the top of the bag with the top (bottom really) of the cover.  Stitch down with a generous seam allowance to hide all previous stitching

Ta da!!!!

The bag can be used as an open shopping bag with purple lining,

Or as a secure handbag with a purple cover


[As always, very happy to have any errors or illogical instructions pointed out :-)., thanks]

That is the last essential finish before Australia!  Now just a few more things that I would like to do, and a name-on-a-blanket request from a neighbour that I said I would do, but no more panic!


  1. What a great bag - I'll give it a try, but not sure when! Your instructions are very clear. I'm looking forward to having a go :)

  2. Great tute - thanks! Next time I need to stitch a bag I could well be tempted by this. Brilliant news on your finishes too!

  3. Hi Benta, I can't keep up with your pace! Hope all plans are going as you wish for your trip


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