Monday 21 November 2011

The Bag Lady

I have finally started on S-i-L's bag, and nephew's car track.

The bag is this awesome heavy weight Echino fabric: black with sights of London on it in bright colours.  There will be an instruction post, as I lost my piece of paper with scribbled notes, but it an adaptation of Ayumi's lunch bag over at Pink Penguin

Marley's Car Track Mat has been created and basted, and I can now quilt it pretty much as much or as little as I want to on the plane.  Photo will follow, but it's in the car at the moment as I was working on it during Fun With fabric.

We have moved the day for the Broom Farm FWF, and I'm not around for the last 3 weeks of term, so we havn't promoted it, and there are just two mums at the moment.  M is working on a Christmassy table runner, and C has been working on Christmas stockings, but has today started a dragon applique [click here for the Fun With Fabric blog and more details]


  1. You really have been busy, haven't you? Bag looking great, and I'm sure that the track is too!
    Lovely projects going on with the FWF girls too!

  2. Love that Echino bag!
    Good luck getting your needles on the plane xxx

  3. Dear Benta, you have done so much Christmas sewing! I'm really out of my programm (if I had any). That bag is wonderful and the fabric is really good! Would be great for my bag collection. I hope you can handle your list I see next here. I'm exited about your soon coming travel!
    xxx Teje

  4. You have got lots done! Love your bag - I look forward to your instruction post :)

  5. Love that Echino London fabric and all your Christmas sewing. Well done you!


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