Thursday 24 November 2011

Time for bed

I'm off at 5am tomorrow, for a girly trip to Austria (Vienna!) so this is just a very quick post to show you . . .

. . . this (Nephew's car track quilt, ready for hand quilting on the plane)

and this little bag for a secret Santa swap

and these goodies for another partner in the swap

and here they are ready to be posted


  1. Love those curved corners!
    Have a brilliant trip x

  2. So glad to see you won't be bored on the plane ;o) Have fun!

  3. You'll enjoy quilting on the plane, great idea for a quilt too. Have a good trip, take photos!!

  4. Benta I love your blog. I have seen your tutorial for the bag and my fingers are itching to start one. Nut I'm moving next week ! I didn't take part in Secret Santa because of that. Have a great week end away with your friends.


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