Thursday 17 November 2011

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

Dear Mr Postie

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.  Or instead I could count the packages that he managed to squeeeeeze through my letter box today

Firstly came a fab, very squishy surprise from the lovely Plum: she ran a session at the Richmond and Kew quilters on Monday making chickens.  I had planned to go, but in the end too much real life got in the way, and I had to pull out.  Plum took pity on me, and sent me everything I need to make my own chicken!

And then the next package was my Give Away winnings from Lis's blog: a package from Keira at Kiki's Craft Corner.  I had left it to Kiki to choose me a charm pack, and I bought from her a metre of a contrasting fabric that I could use for sashing.  I love the warm colours in the charm pack (Moda's Cattails and Clover) and the extra fabric is gorgeous - plain enough not to detract from the patterns in the charms, and mottled enough not to be plain.  (I think I need to revisit the website to get some more of this range!)

Actually, much as I love my postie for bringing the squishies, I need to paraphrase another cliche: dont shoot  love the messenger: Plum, and Lis (and by extension, Keira)  I love you all, thank you so much!!!


  1. Hmm, think my postie is avoiding me - he didn't bother coming today! Too busy with you x

  2. Wow, stunning fabric from Keira and a great squichy from Plum, a good day for you all round :-)

  3. My pleasure! So that's two MORE projects?!? Hope that the finishing list is balancing them up!

  4. What a lovely postman you have! I love the charm squares

  5. So, patchwork draft excluder is it? Or perhaps it's an extra large draft excluding chicken... ;o)


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