Sunday 20 November 2011

Weekend Round Up

I've had a busy few days: Fun With Fabric on Friday, Church Craft and Christmas Fair, followed by a baby shower on Saturday, and sewing today. 

I didn't get any photos of the 'homework' from last month at Friday Fun With Fabric but I did get plenty of moans about how difficult the binding had been!  I did remind them that we had been working with fairly small units, and that binding a large quilt would be much easier, but promised them something easier for this session.

As I hadn't finished my sample, I took them on a Magical Mystery Make instead!  Based on a tutorial from Lis at Piece 'n' Peace, (thanks, Lis) I got them making Christmas Coasters that DID NOT NEED BINDING!!!!  Just for fun I didn't tell them what they were making, just gave them one instruction at a time!

Ready for some photos?

Saturday was mostly spent setting up and then attending the Church's Christmas and Craft Fair.  I didn't take anything to sell as I don't have any stock, but I have an order for a Christmas sack for next year, and I was also promoting the church version of Fun With Fabric, and got some interest in that.  I also managed to finish the binding on Swirls, so when I unpack the bags that can go up on the wall, yippee (only 15 months!)

From there I went to a friend, Lisa's's, 40th birthday Champagne Tea Party.  As Lisa is also 34 weeks pregnant with her first baby (Congratulations Lisa) we turned it into a bit of a baby shower too.  I had cut 36 8" squares, and had the 'girls' decorate them with fabric pens.  After the baby arrives I shall stitch them together into a quilt.  Most of the squares are fab . . .
I knew I would late arriving, so I had done a sample block to remind them that they had to leave me some seam allowance - I thought I made int fairly clear, but these six blocks will need some creative work to be able to include the words that went right to the edge!

Ho hum!

Anyway, today I managed to get some more ticked off from the list: the draught excluder / door stop for school - done

A very girly baby quilt for Jane who became a Great Aunt - done
 with Amelia's name (need to wet that water soluble pen mark in the middle of her name!!!)

And a name onto a knitted blanket for another customer (yuck - knitted blanket are 'orrible to embroider onto!)

Now off to do some work of a bag for S-I-L and a play patchwork for nephew


  1. Love the Christmas coasters, it's such a good technique isn't it and it made me smile that you made it a mystery. Looks of good finishes there too, have you slept recently?

  2. Crikey - how many more sleeps until the off?

  3. Busy, busy, busy indeed! I think I need a lie down after reading all that.

  4. Love the coasters and that's such a sweet baby quilt :)

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  6. Oh all right, I take back the last draught excluder dig ;o) I wrote it on Friday, just couldn't post it till today lol WTG on all your finishes, sounds like a busy weekend

  7. Inspiring Benta - and what a full weekend. Me ... ? ... I'm still taking it easy. Thanks for the support. xxx Annabelle


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