Saturday 5 November 2011

SLIK and Quick Christmas Sack

I have spent the day making Christmas sacks, and found I had forgotten how I made them last year.  I seem to remember having the same problem 12 months ago, so this time I am recording the method, so that hopefully next year I'll be able to get started without having to think it through!

I cut the sack fabric to be able to make a sack appx 14" by 19", and I cut Christmassy fabric 14" by 7"

I attached the Christmassy fabric to the top of the bag about 3 inches down from the top (right sides together) then flip up and press. (On back as well as front)

I attached the back and front of bag together, leaving 2" unstitched at the top (either one seam or both seams depending on whether one or two drawer strings will be required)

I stitch open the opening(s) at the top of the bag, slightly tapering them open.  (Reinforce the top of the side seam several times.)

(I have written this for me, anyone else is welcome to use the instructions, but please feel free to ask me if there is anything unclear)
Then the Christmassy fabric can be brought down on the inside of the bag, and stitched with a small hem.  Finally I stitched about 2cm from the top to create a channel for the ribbon
Finally I am going to make a small two sided patch that says 'good' on one side, and 'naughty' on the other, so it can be left as a message for Santa on Christmas Eve!

I have obviously been good, as I received a package from Katy.  It doesn't look very exciting, but it is insubrite (I may have spelt it wrong) which is insulating heat resistant fabric that can be used for making oven gloves or table mats.  Thank you thank you thank you Katy!

My other sewing to day has been sewing some strips from my two-and-a-half-inch-strips-of-washed-fabrics drawer (!) for the block lotto this month.  The block is a sort of technicolour yawn with a black Irish chain thing going on.  Have a look [here] to see some of the others that have been entered.  Each block counts as a ticket to win 35 blocks.  I really love this block, and think I will make one for myself from my scraps if I don't win.  I have started to sew the blocks, but don't have any washed black fabric, so these 'fives' will have to wait to be come 'sixes' then I can cross cut and make the 36 patch blocks


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!I may have to make a few of these!Thank you for sharing!xx

  2. Will need to check out Block Lotto - your blocks look very tempting! And I do have some scraps ;-))

  3. I read that as Christmas 'SOCKS" and really thought you had lost the plot - but it's all me!

  4. Hee hee, yes, I know that whole 'HTH did I make that the last time?!' sort of thing, you know, because the 2 scribbled numbers on that post it were meant to explain everything...

    Glad you figured it out in the end anyway, and good luck with the block lotto

  5. Super cute Christmas sack and can't wait to see the 36 patch!

  6. Hi Benta! What a wonderful Christmas sack! Good idea to write it down. So often I have to think again how I did something (zipper in the pouch). Those blocks are going to be beautiful! xxx Teje

  7. Great Christmas sack and very clever having a 'good' and 'naughty' label!


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