Friday 11 November 2011

Happy 21st Heather

 At last Heather's Black and White and Pink quilt is finished ...

The binding is mostly black with flashes of pink (this is the smallest flash!)

And I have hand quilted around the 'H', which could I guess could go at the top instead of the bottom!

This quilt was inspired by Deedrie's Blue Cross quilt - you can see hers [here]. 

I also managed to get the tag done for the Christmas sacks,

And I have helped Lisa proof read a 2200 word essay on "Why does Hobbes contend, “Truth is predicated of words, not things" and Explain why Mill contends “the proposition is not true because the object is placed in the class”, not forgetting Explain why Frege states, “In grasping a sense, one is not certainly assured of a Bedeutung.” . . . 

time for wine :-)


  1. I need a strong drink after just READING the title of that essay. I'm surely glad I'm out of school.

  2. It's WONDERFUL!! I love the little corners of pink. Those tags are cute too - I may have to make some :)

  3. Love the flashes of pink. Can't get my head round WTH that essay's about though, I'd bypass the wine and go straight to vodka...

  4. The quilt turned out wonderfully. I love the flashes of pink binding. Personally, I like the 'H' at the bottom right like you've planned it.

    I had my first glass of wine in months tonight. It was heavenly.

  5. Love the quilt and I didn't understand the questions!

  6. Benta, I DO recognize the question (unfortunately) as taught politics, and this was part of the course! Lovely to be back viewing blogs and feeling well and part of a community again. Love your stuff. Thanks for good wishes, Annabelle xx

  7. Lovely quilt, great tags, glad that I'm only ever going to study textile related things now!


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