Saturday 9 July 2011

9 patches and Block Lotto

I have done ten blocks for the July Block Lotto.  I loved doing the blocks (each pair is done together, and one is the opposite of the other) but the ironing was a pain.


Having not done enough squares for the day (!) I then made up a whole load of nine patches.  Lots more summery fabrics waiting to be used as soon as I get a chance to go the the shops


  1. mum's comment: what a lovely lot of fabrics and colours – no wonder you are hooked!

  2. Looking good, Benta! I would imagine the ironing to be a pain, but you did it!

  3. Hi Benta! You have made great blocks! I love those wonky squares but when I tried them I couldn't find the right way to cut them (shouldn't be too difficult).
    I hope you get your own blog back soon!
    xxx Teje


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