Tuesday 26 July 2011

Bloggy Influences

I'm not usually one for joining in projects and schemes run by other bloggers, but this week I have taken on board two ideas.

Trudy, at Quilting Prolifically has set herself a target of 12 finishes in 12 days.  I certainly have at least that number of UFOs, and thought it was a really good plan, but didn't want to aim too high - so I went for 1 finish in 1 day!

We had family over for a meal yesterday so I actually got the dining table cleared, so I was able to start Lisa's curtains ...
and almost finish Lisa's curtains!!!

They do need pressing and hemming, but next week she is back to Uni so I can set up the ironing board in her room and get them finished..  We actually rather like the strip of pink at the bottom (from the lining) so the current plan is to keep the lining longer than the curtains.

The lovely fabric is from IKEA.  Although you can only see the white walls in the photo, the wall to the left is shocking pink, and the wall opposite the window is blue, so the fabric is quite suitable

The other influence I had from blogland was to share a photo of my work space Nova from A Cuppa and a Catch up has posted a pic of her workspace, with links to other people's: they mostly seem to have a bit more space than me, but (yes, Hadley, I know) at least I do have my own 4 square metres!

This is the dining room - the  largest space in the house, and is ideal for cutting large lengths of fabric and for basting quilts etc, so it is sort of part of my work space.

(This is  before I started the curtains.  Admittedly this is a rare photo, but it proves I can do tidy.)


I think anyone of a nervous disposition should look away from the next photo as this is my 'real' workspace

Bookshelves to the left and the far right, and the computer is in a little cupboard front right.  Two machines are set up in here: one for sewing and one for embroidery, another is at the bottom of the stairs hoping for a service, and one is on loan to a neighbour leaving (embarrassed cough) three in the shed

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  1. Such a show off, did you say 3 IN THE SHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????


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