Thursday 14 July 2011

When one door closes ...

No photos, and just a brief post today.  I've had car problems (thank goodness for extended warranties) and work, and planning for stained glass owl lessons , but have also had an interesting week workwise.

I was told that the school have decided not to extend my 5.5 hour a week contact as an extended school's co-ordinator.  It's a shame, as that has seen me raise two grants (totalling £12500) for a refurb to the swimming pool area, arrange extra curricular activities for 19 free-school meal children (which I have evidence that their interest in learning, self confidence and behaviour has all improved as a result), and produce a newsletter with about 20 free or low cost activities nearby over the summer hols.  This does leave me with a 3 hour a week contract to files papers for the SENco (special educational needs co-ordinator) but this isn't as rewarding either by money or by stimulation.


less than a week later I have been approached by the adult education department at the borough to ask








once a week

next year 


What do you think I answered?????????

less time per week, better hourly rate, 
and P.A.T.C.H.W.O.R.K.
I came over all unnecessary, 
and I may have offered to have the co-ordinator's babies

Can you see me doing a happy dance?


  1. wow! God really knows his business, doesn't he?
    That's wonderful!!!

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Fantastic news x

  3. Dear Benta, I can imagine your happy dance!!! That sound so good and I'm really happy for you!!!
    xxx Teje

  4. Well done Benta, what heaven getting paid to do something you love, HAPPY DANCE!


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