Thursday 28 July 2011

Sad time for Norway

It is now nearly a week since the awful events in Norway, and still I don't think they have sunk in.

We have been very lucky that none of our friends or family were themselves killed or injured, although two  nieces lost three friends: two confirmed as dead, and one still missing - how can any parent cope with that situation?

My thoughts and prayers are with the whole nation, especially those who have lost someone close.

I want to share with you words I received from my aunt in Norway.  I have edited it slightly only because English is not her first language.  The sentiment and compassion is all hers, but seems to be all of Norway's too

Hi everyone.

What happened last night, (Monday), is just incredible. In every public place, big or small, people gathered in big masses in streets and plazas, walking together with torches and roses in remembrance of the victims and their families. 150000 or more in front of City Hall in Oslo - all the people had flowers, they held them up in the air and waved them. The Crown Prince opened the event, he said "today the streets are filled with  love".  The Crown  Princess was there - her stepbrother was the first victim, as a policeman in civil clothes, there to take care of the youths in the camp. He saved a five year old boy, but was brutally  killed. The Prime Minister's speech reminded us all to stay together, to hold and love each other and not let the hatred of this monster take over.  Tonight Oslo is covered with flowers in front of the City Hall and the Dome, where there have been several  services, and at 12 noon today, one minute silence. The whole of Scandinavia and many governments and organizations all over the world recognised this - in respect, sorrow and empathy, the world stopped for one minute.

The Mayor of Oslo suggested the best kind of revenge to the inhuman killer: we should show more generosity, more tolerance, more democracy, more friendliness, and be more open to other people,.
The young leader of the party's young members spoke to all the people, he said: "We, Norway, shall not hate, not seek revenge. We shall use our voting rights, not weapons. Our youths did not die to lead us to  hate. Consideration and  responsibility to build the community  we will take this with us into the future."

Today, Tuesday, we see that thousands and thousand of people could not manage to get to that place because of the crowds. They stopped and put down their flowers in the explosion place and around the streets, until Oslo was covered in roses ... in streets, fences, windows.....everywhere. Lorries with roses arrived in Oslo from all over the country.

Three days after the assault so many fantastic things happened. The crowds everywhere: an ordinary salesman's idea to go to facebook to ask people to join together to mark their grief and empathy. Before the night of Friday he had 10000 YES, before Monday evening hundreds of thousands of people had joined the movement, and this enormous happening took place, with oceans of roses all over Norway, candles, torches, flags, written messages and children's favourite toys. Never before has a whole population and friends all over the world marked such a horrid event in such a peaceful, quiet, loving way ... that this has been responded to with dignity and love, not with hatred and revenge shows that there´s still hope for Norway and humanity!!!!!!!! We stand together in the way we did when peace came to Norway May 8th, 1945! That time people hugged each other everywhere, even strangers, in happiness. This time they hug in the same way, but in joined grief. It helps....

The gunman was taken to court yesterday. He will be interned with serious restrictions for 8 weeks. He has admitted to the killings, but not to guilt..............He wanted to appear in his uniform  and read from his manifest where he explains himself as the world's saviour. He was not permitted either. The court was closed, outside there were journalists from all over the world. This man wants all the publicity he can get, and he was denied it. People turn against him everywhere, so lets hope there´s not many out there to follow him. They now say he may be sentenced for criminality towards humanity, a 30 years punishment without pardon.  This is more serious than life imprisonment, 21 years, which can even lead to pardon some years before.

This horrible event led to a people joined in sorrow and despair, and after a few days a people joined in a hope that this will lead to more fellowship, tolerance and love.The grief over the good, gifted and engaged youths and their massacre will never be forgotten.

Thanks to all for your warm thoughts and consideration and friendship.

Lots of love from Turid

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  1. Wow! I cannot say anything that expresses anywhere near how I feel about this - my heart goes out to everyone affected by this 'person'.



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