Friday 15 July 2011

Chertsey Museum - Fun With Fabric

A lovely afternoon with 7 ladies at Chertsey Museum, making stained glass patchwork.

Most of them used the cut away method (thank you so much to Doris for teaching me :-), while two used the fusible bias method, and one tried the needle turn method.  They all took home notes and materials for the other methods.


We seem to have evolved a bit of show and tell at the sessions too, and some brought back their smocking from last month.

 Jenny is a very accomplished needlewoman anyway, and always brings something with a WOW factor to show.  She has decided that everything she starts is to be finished, and with than in mind made her smocking into a hat pin pin cushion:

Prepare to be wowed!


  1. Clever ladies!! And I spotted a beak!!

  2. So glad you had a successful session at the Library! And the numbers seem to be increasing which, considering it's holiday time of year, is good. And carry on spreading the word about your patchwork teaching from September ... LOL from Your Mum


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