Friday 29 July 2011

Today ... and a while ago

When I started the texture blocks I was planning to use the Quilt As You Go method using Welsh Quilter's method (click here), so I made each one with the three layers (cotton, wadding, backing fabric) ready to sash them together.

Then after 8 blocks I changed my mind and made the rest without the backing fabric (I didn't really think it through did I?)

So now I have some which need backing, and others that will be really thick if I do back them (I am using curtain fabric to back them: it seemed like a good idea at the time!)

I have a cunning plan (which will be revealed if it works!)!

Today's achievement has attached the eight middle blocks (all the QAYG blocks) into two strips
The front sashing is stitched onto the front of one block as the same time as sashing is stitched onto the back.  This block is joined to the next block Go to Welsh Quilters post, she explains it much better than me!  Now I need to press the sashing, and then hand sew the backing sashings down on these blocks and then I can do the horizontal sashing.

Then I can see whether the cunning plan will work!!!

A while ago I made a baby quilt that I was sure I had posted about ... but I cant find the post, so I'll tell you about it now.

My little village (pop 800) and the neighbouring village (pop 3800) each have a church, but we share one vicar, and lots of church events are organised for both parishes.  There are a number of 'house groups' and I attend one in the other village on a Sunday night.  Our group is all mums, mostly of teenagers and students, but one mum, Phoebe, has two littlies (6 and 3 ish) and is expecting number 3.  She know she is having a girl, and she is going to be called Grace (beautiful name).   One session that Phoebe was unable to attend, I tentatively suggested a quilt from the rest of us.  It was tentative as I know some people don't respect hand made stuff, but luckily the others loved that idea (and two had been wondering how to ask me if I'd mind!!!)

Se here is Grace's quilt, with her name on the front and a label on the back.

and we are just waiting for Grace to arrive!

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  1. Good luck with the first, and well done on the second quilt - really complicated and pretty in that order!


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