Thursday 22 November 2012

No Reply? No Problem!

Just a short post today - I had a lovely visit from Lisa: she planned to be here just until 2pm, but stayed until 9:30, lovely but no sewing time today.

I did get a little niggle sorted.  Fiona at CelticThistleStitches told me that I was suddenly posting as a No Reply blogger, but I couldn't find the setting to change it.  Fiona suggested it might be caused by Google Plus.  Eventually Mr Google helped by leading me to this blog page:.   From Me And My Gang.  The author shows how to disconnect Google Plus, how to change settings, and then how to return to Google Plus.

Apologies for being a No Reply blogger.  All sorted now


  1. That's one of the reasons I like to reply directly in the comments now. I will check out the link though. HOw lovely to spend so much time with Lisa too!

  2. I wondered what was going on. Sometimes you showed up as no-reply and sometimes not. Glad you got it sorted. Ahh technology!


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