Wednesday 14 November 2012

Perfect Post 6

Oh My Gosh

I have to be the most spoilt person in blogland!

My latest Star of Africa Bee star arrived today, from Jen, the Quilter in the Closet (isn't that a fab blog title).  Jen lives very near to Hollywood (!) and based her star on the famous stars set into the pavement in the Hollywood Walk of Fame:
With my name, and a sewing machine hand embroidered onto it

With the extra 4 pieces that I cheekily asked the girls for, I get this liberated star, already to tessalate with the other yummy stars

But there was more ... This amazing mug caddy that Jen made - and then popped into Hollywood to buy a mug for!  (see the daisy button that is the perfect match for the daisys on the fabric)

Then (as her lovely letter explained) she saw another mug that she thought would be ideal, but clearly wouldn't fit in the caddy, so I got BOTH mugs
 (how great is that!)

But the mugs then had to be protected from postal machines etc, so they were wrapped in two fabrics.  The batik is an amazing intricate design, but the "Evolution" fabric is heart-stoppingly gorgeous.  I'm not sure I'll ever be able to use it, I think it has to be framed (but that's ok, because Jen sent me a piece with this image TWICE)

So if anyone out there in blog land has had a better delivery this week, month, year! I'll eat my hat!


  1. Wow, seriously good haul there, and love your star of fame!

  2. That is gorgeous! Lucky lady, I think you suit having a star!

  3. What a lucky girl you are! I love it all!

  4. Dear Benta, you have your own Hollywood Star and mug - fantastic! Adorable presents!


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