Friday 23 November 2012

How Generous is Janine? (Perfect Post 9)

You may remember me having blogged about Janine (The Rainbow Hare) before.  She and I have been following each other's blogs for a long time now.  She made this fab hexie spiral mini quilt

 earlier this year, and very kindly sent me the books so I could make one myself,and she and Nicky (Mrs Sew and Sew) blogged about the Star of Africa Bee which I then joined.

Janine's Bee Block arrived a few days ago, but I was feeling so full of cold, and achy and generally bleugh, so I made myself wait until today before I opened it.  It was lovely to have something to look forward to even though I had already seen the block when she posted it on FlickrL

The Out Of Africa Bee Blocks each represent something from our own locality, and while my geography is rubbish, I recognised this block as soon as I saw it: The White Cliffs of Dover

And here it is in the centre of it's star
Thank you Janine

But before I even came to the star blocks, I shrieked.

Seriously!  Its so lucky there was no-one else home as they probably would not have understood - but you - my bloggy patchworky friends will understand.

You understand that when a stranger (lets face it, Janine and I have never met) sends you not only a lovely block, but also something beautiful, intricate and painstakingly made, and in this case something also previously lusted after, there is no correct response other than a loud, girly shriek

Prepare yourselves

This is now mine
 Words cannot describe how I feel, but I tried - I found Janine's phone number through, and called her to thank her.  We had a lovely long chat, and Janine, I hope you realise how delighted I am!

Slightly paling into insignificance, I have done *some* sewing today, and this misshapen collection of  Christmassy blocks is the result.

It might be clearer from this side

Tomorrow I am meeting mum for a spot of Christmas shopping, and I will pass these pieces over to her, and when I next see her (if she has taken a break from the cardigan she is knitting me) she may have made me a Christmas Waistcoat!

Thank you mummy!

So the Christmas List:

  • Nicky's book block
  • I-Spy for Dina
  • I-Spy for Liz
  • I-Spy for Jane (Chloe)
  • Christmas sack for Chloe
  • Christmas sack for Richard
  • 12 place mats for Carol
  • 2 Pairs of Patchwork boots
  • Warm Stars quilt for Philippa
  • Christmas Tree by Candlelight wall hanging
  • Napkins for Anna
  • Batik Square Dance
  • Christmas Waistcoat


  1. Oh Janine is a superstar!
    Hope you are feeling better xxx

  2. Janine is just crazily generous! I just pulled an envelope from her out of my mailbox, today and it didnt just include the bee block, but also the cutest embroidery-needle-case with yarn and everthing and very cute dragonfly tissues! She actually had to sent it twice.

  3. Oh how gorgeous! Janine is so talented - and generous! What a beautiful gift x

  4. Aren't quilters just the most generous people, and Janine is a superstar in that regard!

    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Aren't quilters truly lovely people! Hope christmas shopping went well

  6. I'm so glad you like it, Benta! No one has ever shrieked for anything I made before! I'm just catching up on blog reading. Your posts about the Star of Africa blocks are really interesting and it's great to see bigger pictures of everyone's blocks and learn more about the stories behind them. I think it must be the most exciting Bee! Your waistcoat looks like it's going to fab to - very festive :)

  7. No doubt about it, quilters are amazing and Janine is at the head of the pack! I use my needle case from her every day!

  8. Fab package, and so nice that you actually got to chat :o)

  9. You are very lucky to have such good bloggy friends! : ) Now you know how I feel when I opened your package for my nieces. : )


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