Tuesday 12 June 2012

Oh. My. Gosh.

You may have, at some point, popped over the The Rainbow Hare blog where the lovely Janine blogs.  She recently posted this pic of an awesome pentagon,

which she made, having received two books about spiral quilts:

Simply Amazing  Spiral Quilts  (Book with CD  plus bonus materials)Magnificent Spiral  Mandala Quilts  (Book with CD  plus bonus materials)

(Since I have shamelessly copied her photos, do look at this shot of the centre of the pentagon under construction, isn't it fab)

Where was I?  Oh yes, having wiped the drool from the keyboard, and being sat next to this collection of yummy fabrics sitting on my shelf . . .

. . .  I emailed Janine to ask if the method would work for a hexagon, or an octagon?

You are going to have to accept what happened next, however much you don't believe me - The lovely LOVELY Janine simply packaged up the books, and the CD rom, and POSTED THEM TO ME, so that I can have a go, and then return the books to her, and they arrived today

(I know we have followed each others blog for a while, but we have never met - isn't that the kindest thing!)

Are patchworkers kind because they are patchworkers?, or do kind people patchwork because they are kind? - I don't know, but hand on heart, I have never met a selfish patchworker, HOWEVER - Janine is one of the best!!!!


  1. Janine, don't let Benta take the books in the kitchen, or near the washing machine - you will never see them again! ;)

    1. HOW do you manage to remember all my embarrassing mistakes? At least no names need embroidering here!

  2. That looks amazing, your spotty bright fabrics would work really well with that spiral pentagon. I hope it does work well with the hexagon. Have fun with the books, they look fab.

  3. That's going to look very cool, Janine may never see her books again!

  4. Isn't she wonderful? Have fun

  5. That is truly stunning - looking forward to yours now you have the books to hand. Yes - kindness really does operate throughout the crafting community.

  6. Your really welcome, Benta. I've learnt loads of things from you! A hexagon is those fabrics is going to look amazing :)

  7. That's so great, Benta! I visit her lovely blog often and I love her works! Your fabric bundle is so beautiful - I'm sure you will make something really exiting! x Teje

  8. You are soo right about patchworkers being very kind people, I have had first hand experience of it too :-)

  9. That looks amazing, but I am drooling more over those yummy rainbow fabrics ;-) And yes, patchworkers are the kindest people!!!!

  10. There is certainly a strong link between kindness and quilting. I truly believe that if our world leaders held a quilting bee rather than a summit (or whatever they call it) the world would be a more peaceful place.

  11. The spiral quilts look fabulous - no wonder you are drooling! x

  12. Me, me, I've met her and she is nice! Books or no books!


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