Sunday 3 June 2012

Binding and Boats

(Last time I blogged about binding, when I used the word bondage in my post, I got more hits than ever before - what are people like?)

Anyway today, in the cold and the rain, and that amazing Diamond Jubilee pageant, I was curled up on my sofa, hand sewing binding

 onto not one . . .
 (love, love LOVE this newspaper print fabric, 
brought it back from Amsterdam years ago, 
and knew it was prefect for this binding)

not two . . .
but three quilts :-)

Number 4 didn't get started as the cat looked far too cosy!

Hope you had a good weekeknd


  1. Wow, you was really quick! Your cat looks beautiful! What's bondage - I guess I could google and see what comes! x Teje

  2. Wow! You were VERY busy! I'm mega impressed- and I love what I could see of the colours of your quilts too. Agree totally with the newsprint fabric- its great!!

  3. I was doing the exact same thing! I had only one very large quilt to work on though, and only got 3/4 done! By the way, we are in the Star of Africa together!

  4. I see you have turned into superwoman again, well done on all the bindings, a very productive weekend :-)

  5. Good for you! Binding is the best pat I think. So rewarding : )

  6. I'd totally have evicted the cat ;o)

  7. I should think you needed a break by then anyway! Wasn't the pageant fab!


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