Friday 29 June 2012


I have been very negligent, and I will try and remedy lots of overdue thanks in this post!  

The lovely Jackie made me the most useful pressie when she came over a few weeks ago, and I haven't properly thanked her for it - as you can see it is already in good use:
It holds pins and needles, my glasses (sigh) and I've attached the scissors that Jackie previously gave me to it too - now there are no threads on the arms of the chair - yippee!

She also brought Lisa a lovely crochet hook case as a thank you for the loan of the bed

but given that Lisa wasn't home anyway, and I had to clear the room (admittedly of my stuff) to even *find* the bed, I think I deserve it more - luckily for Lisa I cant crochet, so it's no good to me!!!! 

I also need to thank Teje in advance - I commented on a post on her blog . . .  well actually I commented on a guest post, posted by her handsome Alsatian, Nero.  Nero was very kindly offering one of Teje's lovely 2-in-1 makeup bags to celebrate summer (they live in sunny Crete, not cloudy England).  Nero very kindly picked my name from the basket (well he ate the others and didn't eat mine, that's as good as being picked isn't it?),

Nero's give away
Teje is sending me this super bag   Do visit her ETSY shop and look at the others she has made too

I also, in the last few months have been awarded this award from Annabelle Serendipity who says "Benta at SLIK stitches really does do some amazing stuff and I like to see her photos and hear about her exploits - but - get that kitchen sorted Benta!"

(and I was really chuffed to be awarded it in the same keystroke as Hadley at Flying Blind!!!)


and I have been awarded this award by Rebecca who said "Benta at Slik Stitches is absolutely lovely! I've followed this blog for ages now and she creates some absolutely beautiful quilts among other things!", and also by Amo who said "Always making things and does so much in her community to encourage stitching."

I have to tell you 5 things that you may not know about me:

  • I love instant coffee, but not real coffee, 
  • I was so bad at sewing at school I had to take Home Economics (yes Annabelle, cooking!) for my practical subject
  • For all the sewing and other crafting I have tried over the years, my two very best creations are my daughters
  • Next spring I'll have been married 25 years (!)
  • My favourite colour is yellow, but I don't have any yellow clothes

So THANK YOU to all of you, and I am so sorry it has taken me so long!


  1. you did do well x I love presents from other quilter/sewers because they always seem to come up with something you did not know you wanted... but LOVE on sight xx

  2. Glad the threads are under control now for the remote controls!!

  3. What lovely prezzies - think now you should learn to crochet :)
    Regarding the 'cooking' - surprised - but the memory fades with age - maybe now with the new range you will want to remember and get back to it!

  4. Congratulations! You do some amazing things with fabrics and it is nice to know that your fellow patchwork/quilter also recognise your work! (I'm not a good judge as I'm somewhat biased).

  5. What a fun post! And you know what? One of m favorite colors is bright green, but if I wore that color, people would be really worried cause it makes me look so sick ;-)

  6. Dear Benta, thank you for your sweet post and congratulations for the awards and lovely presents! That sewing accessorie is beautiful and looks very practical! I liked hand works and crafts already at school, but I can't remember how I was with the cooking, because now I really don't like that at all and I can't cook.
    Nero sends hugs to you!
    Have a wonderful weekend! x Teje

  7. Tut, fancy sitting around all this time with your feet up ignoring these ;o)

  8. Oh I got all caught up in the Retreat and forgot to post that, thanks for the reminder x


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