Sunday 10 June 2012

Sunday School Special

Today's Sunday School . . . I started just with little miss R, a real poppet, and a smart cookie, aged "three and one third", then we were joined by R, A (brothers, aged 8 and 3) and F, another boy aged 8. We sat on our mezzanine floor above the main aisle

"I haven't planned anything in particular, so lets do some colouring. What's that, F? You've found some stickers? Ok, lets do a poster and we can all decided if each sticker belongs on the poster - a heart? yes little miss R, because God loves us. Flowers ?yes, R, because God made them. The world? That's good, F, yes God did create it. A rubber duck? Well A . . ,oh too late, you've stuck it now ! well yes, God did tell people how to make them.

Oh, A, do you have to go to the toilet now? And you as well, R? Well can you take your brother? No F, you wait please. Ok F they are back, you can go, oh, A, you didn't wash your hands? F will take you. What's that noise? Oh, A has pulled the emergency cord instead of the light cord, no I don't know how to switch the alarm off.

[By now, everyone in the service is looking in the direction of the toilet, the vicar is making his way through the congregation to sort the alarm, and F has got bored waiting so has pulled down his trousers and his pants and is starting to pee]

Ok, excitement over, let's go back up, try and talk with an inside voice, please A, not your outside voice, the grownups are trying to listen to the prayers.

Let's take our poster down stairs and we can tell the grownups why we chose each sticker.

[So the vicar does the notices and then observes that he knows Sunday school have been busy, would they like to share?].

"We have done a poster choosing stickers that are about God and Jesus and the church. Little miss R, can you start and tell everyone about one of the stickers you chose? The heart, that's a good one, now in a big voice, why did you choose a heart sticker?

[Little miss R in a big voice]
Because God made stickers


  1. Joyce Grenfell eat your heart out. George, don't do that...

  2. Ha ha I also thought of Joyce Grenfell - I think you got it worse than her version!!

  3. Dont you just love children!

  4. Great story Benta! Thanks for sharing!


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