Monday 11 June 2012

Holiday Happenings (part 3)

 On Friday I taught Junk Weaving Wall Art at Chrtsey Holiday Activities to a dozen kids, and several mums!!!

We started with a show box lid (thanks mummy) and cut notches and wrapped string, then delved into a pile of junk, and got weaving.  Better instructions are on the Fun With Fabric blog, but here is one of the busier ones

And here is a mosaic of all of them

And some mums having a great time - just before I took this there were 4 of them weaving the junk treasures that their kids had found!!!!

As a group project we also wove some t-shirts: referred to as The Windmill, this will become a floor mat for the museum: I showed the first two kids how to do it, they taught the next few, and so on, until everyone had had a go!


  1. Hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family then!

  2. Wow! Weren't you all busy - and don't you have some fab ideas for fabric play! Looks like a good time must have been had by all!

  3. Benta - you seem to have such fun filled days. I want to be there!

  4. I've never heard of that, but what a great idea!


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