Thursday 7 June 2012

Holiday Happenings (part 2)

I spent a lovely day with Jacqui and Sarah yesterday - with Jacqui teaching us the art of wet felting

We started with strands of wood laid in one direction

Then added strands at 90 degrees,

Then a third layer at 90 degrees to that.  Then it got pummelled back and forth with water and a bit of soap, using bubble wrap and a rolling pin - then plunged into boiling and freezing water, until I ended up with these two

And this candle / sausage item, which, when dry and sliced, will hopefully result in felted buttons like the ones below that I bought last September

Lovely day Jacqui, thank you :-)


  1. Isn't felting addictive

  2. That looks like so much fun! The only thing I've ever felted was my son's wool sweater (and he was not very happy about it!)

  3. Hi Benta! I'm happy you tried because felting is so much fun! Great idea to make buttons! Your rainbow colours are beautiful! x Teje

  4. Thanks for info - can you not just wash a bundle on the hottest wash cycle? Seems to woek for sweaters!


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