Wednesday 21 November 2012

Perfect Post 7 and 8

Well, the delivery I can blog about today was one delivery from two people!

Tina and Veena, both from the Star Of Africa Bee, both live in India.  Veena was recently rushed into hospital for an operation, so Tina stepped in to help with my block.  These two blocks arrived from both Tina and Veena, and I love them both.  I told the group that I was choosing grey as the linking fabric as next March is our silver wedding anniversary, so my Bee buddies are helping me make an anniversary quilt.  I wasn't particularly thinking that the blocks were to represent weddings, as the blocks are already to represent our locality, but Veena and Tina have managed both!

Tina writes about this one

Benta, since this is for your wedding anniversary, here's something from our weddings. The garments of the bride (red) & groom (white) are tied with the sacred marital knot throughout the duration of the wedding ceremony. Isn't that cute? Another interesting bit - when the man turns 60, the couple take their wedding vows once more in another 'wedding', this time with the kids and grandkids around too :-)
 (should be twisted anticlockwise): 
If you follow this link to the flickr group you can see a much better photo of it

This second block also has a wedding theme
Veena writes that it represents two palms decorated with henna.  This is painted onto the hands of married women

Both blocks are beautiful.

Thank you both for the blocks, and for the fabrics you kindly sent too.  Veena, I hope you feel better soon x x


  1. Those blocks are so pretty indeed! I am half way done with yours! I promise you'll get it before your anniversary!!! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog, too!

  2. Wow, they're beautiful!
    Just as an aside, did you realize you're a no reply blogger now? I tried replying to your comment yesterday and couldn't... X

  3. Beautiful blocks and lovely stories behind them

  4. Great blocks Benta, looking forward to seeing the final quilt.

  5. Both great blocks, and love the stories behind them

  6. Glad you liked it.waiting to see the finished quilt!!!

  7. Oops...that was from me, Tina..from the other ID I use to do our group blog of Desi Quilters :-)


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