Thursday, 15 November 2012

Someone's Stocking

OK, not stockings, but Someone's Sack didn't have the same ring to it!!!

I had a few customers ask me to make Christmas Sacks last year: they thought they asked in plenty of time, but as I was going to spend the first 17 days of December in Australia, I had to tell them I couldn't help, so this year I am getting ready early.

I have changed the design slightly so I can get them prepared before personalising them, so decided to make one for our new Great Neice, so I could photograph it:

So, Dear Santa, this year I have been good, Lucia

But if trouble is afoot, and Santa needs to be aware, the tab can be flipped over:

I have an image of, in a few years time, mum or dad shouting to Lucia "Dont make me turn the tab around"


  1. Excuse me, didn't you say the last holiday was the final one of the year!!!


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