Sunday 9 December 2012

Long List in the Sewing Sweat Shop

In the sweat shop that used to be my sewing sanctuary ... I have been working hard.  

I have embroidered names onto three dressing gowns, and names onto four fleece blankets.  I have designed and stitched a sample badge for the local scout pack who, next year, celebrate 90 years of scouting in the village. 

I have taken deliver of old covers for 14 caravan cushions, and a roll of upholstery fabric, and have been sent a dozen photos to magic into a cushion for a friend to give to her sister.

Also, I've been asked to alter an Angel wall hanging that was made for the crib at church,  Janet made this fab hanging, but one of the clergy feels there should be just one significant star.  

I think the other three do balance the quilt, and they will be difficult to remove or disguise without looking as if we had done that, so I'm going to increase the significance of the one big star, and hope that the compromise is acceptable to all parties!
Which looks best - the echo lines to the right of the star? Or the radiant lines to the left?

And I have been practising says "I'd love to, but I'm afraid I cant" - do you reckon I'll be able to say it to the next person who asks?

THE LIST: As the list is getting longer, I decided to use smaller font as it seems less of a worry that way!!!  I've also moved projects without a deadline to the bottom of the list, and taken off the previous finishes. 
  • START 2 Pairs of Patchwork boots 
    NEW cushion for Sam
  • NEW Santa Sack for Casper 
  • NEW Increase star on Angel Wallhanging
  • NEW Scarves for Liam and Harry
  • NEW Wrap for Terri
  • FINISH I-Spy for Liz
  • FINISH Napkins for Anna
  • FINISH 12 place mats for Carol
  • NEW Jacket for Jamie
  • START Nicky's Book Block (Out of Africa) 
  • START Janine's Butterfly block (Out of Africa) 
  • START Sana's Home is where the heart is block (OoA) 
  • NEW Simone's caravan cushions
  • FOR ME Christmas Tree by Candlelight wall hanging


  1. Radiant lines to the left get my vote! Good luck with "i'd love to but i cant" LOL

  2. I think it's very rude of one of the clergy to even suggest taking off stars that Janet spent time and effort over! I think your solution to emphasise one star but keep the others is perfect and I like the combination of shadowing one side and radiating from the other :)

    On your list, I'm very happy to wait until whenever you have time for my block. Good luck with saying 'I'd love to but I'm afraid I can't' :)

  3. Good grief, I thought the church was meant to be tolerant of things, especially when people spent hours over it, but I'd maybe do a couple of echoes followed by some radiant lines, and if they don't like it, suggest that they 'fix' it!

  4. Blimey! What about putting little net/gauze stars over the offensive ones?
    That catchphase might be useful! X

  5. I love both of the star looks. Maybe a combination of the two?


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