Wednesday 12 December 2012

What A Wednesday

The day started cold and grey (8am! no not the sun, just a street lamp!)

and didn't really improve much, so after I'd worked the morning, I came home and stitched, and trimmed, and stitched, and pressed . . .
I added the borders to the placemats

I pieced backs for the placemats

I stitched, and turned, and quilted 7 placemats

And then I got fed up, and went and watched TV and hand stitched the base of this Christmas tree closed.

The tree was made for me by Jackie, two years ago

(cut 4 tree shapes, stitch together (rst) in pairs, leaving open at base, turn, lay one on top of the other, stitch from top to bottom, 'decorate', stuff, slip stitch base closed - ta da!)
And it was decorated in Australia last year with Indi and Marley choosing the decorations and telling me where to sew them

I was asked today if I could replace a zip in some trousers - and - (are you proud of me?) - I managed to say "I'd love to, but I'm afraid I cant".  It didn't take much will power, as I actually *can't* do zips, but at least I said it!


* START 2 Pairs of Patchwork boots 
* START cushion for Sam

* START Santa Sack for Casper 
* START Increase star on Angel Wallhanging
* START Scarves for Liam and Harry
* START Wrap for Terri
* FINISH I-Spy for Liz
* FINISH Napkins for Anna
* FINISH 12 place mats for Carol

* START Jacket for Jamie 
* START Embroider Anisa's name onto a quilt
* START Nicky's Book Block (Out of Africa) 
* START Janine's Butterfly block (Out of Africa) 
* START Sana's Home is where the heart is block (Out of Africa) 
* START Simone's caravan cushions
* FOR ME Christmas Tree by Candlelight wall hanging


  1. Good grief thats some list! Well done on your saying no though, its so difficult sometimes, but I think most of us feel we should more often!

  2. Yay! Well done! It doesn't matter if you can do zips or not - you said it and it's all good practice! Your placemats look great and that tree is a great idea :)

  3. Wowza you are a busy bee! I am loving those placemats.x

  4. -2 with fog here today - brrrr! Well done on embracing the 'N' word ;o)

  5. Lovely Benta! So proud of you for saying no x

  6. Love the placemats - and never seen a tree like that! You are so good at everything - I am sure you could master zips in a trice - still it is great to say 'No'! Your list is long enough anyway. x

  7. lovely placemats and well done on the tree! I put mine in a safe place and 2 years later still cant find it!! Am very proud of you for declining the zip LOL

  8. That weather is the ideal incentive to stay inside and sew!

  9. Well done on the finish, and the 'no'!


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