Friday 21 December 2012

Paper Piecing Projects

I've really enjoyed the Paper Piecing projects I've done before.  This one was my favourite:

So when I saw that Kirsty at Quiet Play, AND Katy at Littlest Thistle are both (separately) hosting some blocks, I thought I'd sign up and stitch along with them

Kirsty is going to make one design available each month, a Block of the Month idea, BUT, she has shown us all the blocks up front.  I'm delighted as I've never signed up for a surprise BoM as I like to know I'm going to like the end results!  Kirsty has a button:

Katy doesn't yet, but did have for her last project (Foundation Paper Piecing for The Terrified), and I'm sure will have soon.  She is asking people what them they fancy working on.  Feel free to go and vote


  1. Oh good grief, now you want buttons too... ;o) Merry Christmas!

  2. Love your raccoon! Very cute!

    Glad you'll be joining in the BoM! Should be fun!


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