Sunday 16 December 2012

Polaroid 9 Patch, and Placemats

Another day, another two projects off The List

A friend asked for a cushion for her sister, with pictures of the sister's young son. She sent me loads of pictures and I couldn't decide on just a few to use.  I've seen lots of Polaroid blocks recently and thought they would be a great idea to use lots of the photos.

I used Little Miss Shabby's pictures for my inspiration, and made this today.

* FINISHED cushion for Sam

The placemats have now been completed, all 12 of them.  Lisa will deliver them to her friend's mum on Tuesday, so they have been ticked off

* FINISHED 12 place mats for Carol


For when Dave & Liz's baby arrives
 * FINISH I-Spy Quilt

For Christmas  
 * FINISH Napkins for Anna
 * START 2 Pairs of Patchwork boots   * START Wrap for Terri

After Christmas
 * START Jacket for Jamie 
 * START Embroider Anisa's name onto a quilt
 * START Nicky's Book Block (Out of Africa) 
 * START Janine's Butterfly block (Out of Africa) 
 * START Sana's Home is where the heart is block (Out of Africa) 
 * START Simone's caravan cushions
 * FOR ME Christmas Tree by Candlelight wall hanging


  1. Beautiful cushion - clever you!

  2. You're getting through that list! The cushion is great and the nativity hanging is looking lovely - amazing how you transformed it by embellished one star :)

  3. Never understood how this works - perhaps a tutorial next year?

  4. I've never seen polaroid blocks before - what a clever idea!


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