Monday 10 December 2012

Not enough sleeps until Christmas

I'm still working on the list!  But I've had to move it back to normal size - I can't read it otherwise to see what to do next!

I've done some more work on the 12 placemats: so far they have all reached this stage.  They need another round of cream. then backing, turning through and quilting


* START 2 Pairs of Patchwork boots 
* NEW cushion for Sam

* NEW Santa Sack for Casper 
* NEW Increase star on Angel Wallhanging
* NEW Scarves for Liam and Harry
* NEW Wrap for Terri
* FINISH I-Spy for Liz
* FINISH Napkins for Anna
* FINISH 12 place mats for Carol

* NEW Jacket for Jamie 
* NEW Embroider Anisa's name onto a quilt
* START Nicky's Book Block (Out of Africa) 
* START Janine's Butterfly block (Out of Africa) 
* START Sana's Home is where the heart is block (Out of Africa) 
* NEW Simone's caravan cushions
* FOR ME Christmas Tree by Candlelight wall hanging

The finished items have been moved to the Finished page, - that makes the list look shorter!


  1. I don't think you will be getting any sleep between now and Christmas Benta!

  2. Not liking all the 'new' items! The just say no attitude failed then!?

  3. Oh Benta, what are you doing driving yourself so much? Slow down girl.Change the timetable and make them for NEXT Christmas instead. x

  4. Just a quick question about the piece the top, then sew the backing right sides together and flip, hand stitch the opening then quilt? Is that right, and do you use wadding? I was going to make some and bind like a quilt so am interested in your method. Merry Christmas, enjoy your blog immensely.

  5. Good luck! My manager asked if I had capacity to work overtime this weekend, I said not unless she wished me to give my project manager to my parents for Christmas this year. She agreed that that wasn't fair on them ;o)


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