Tuesday 30 December 2014

Friends and Flowers

Following on from me showing a felted flower on Facebook, (from a lesson in felting flowers), a few friends wanted to have a go.

I *had* to shop for supplies.  It was difficult to choose a supplier when I'd never bought felting stuff before, but Gillian's Glad Rags didn't let me down! 

These colours are soooo lush - aren't they awesome!

Then we met up and created: I had a few inspirational photos:

but they weren't even needed as we got stuck in and made these

 A fab evening!!! Thanks ladies


  1. They look great! I bought my mum a felting kit a few years ago for Christmas, and she's never touched it yet...

  2. lovely flowers, I had masses of wool tops and an embellisher but never use them this gives me an idea, any chance of a link to find the instructions please

  3. Happy NEW Year Benta! Your flowers are beautiful! I love felting and the colours of the wools are so delicious! x Teje

  4. Lovely flowers, were they needlefelted? I've got wool tops that, like Margaret, haven't been used for some time. it's nice to do something a bit different


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