Sunday, 14 December 2014

Internet interruption

Hello again friends - we've just emerged from ten days with no Internet at home - I've had to do grocery shopping and Christmas shopping either using the tiny screen on my phone, or, shock horror, in person!!!

We have now returned to the 21st century and I can be a blogger and a bloggee again at last, and can catch up on Christmas shopping the "traditional" (clickitty click) way

There have been lots of small projects happening here:

I added initial tags to some lingerie bags pressies as several of the recipients share a girly weekend once a year:

I made some mug caddy wraps for Christmas pressies for colleagues,

I cut a whole load more kona solid into triangles for a group quilt

And I decorated my Christmas tree

There has been more too, but that can wait for another day, this post is (almost) photo heavy enough!

But just one more . . . After Niki sewing as she was bored without Internet, Husband was clearly lost too - he *baked*!!!!!!!!


  1. Missed you. I'm barely keeping my head above water with too much overtime. I try not to turn on the laptop in order to actually do something when I am home.
    'tis the season...

  2. good to see you back and that you have been busy whilst internetless.

  3. Shopping in person! Whatever next Benta?? :)

  4. Hi Benta, I thought you had been very quiet! Glad to see you are back in the modern age.

  5. We really take our internet for granted!! lol.

  6. its like loosing a part of you xx Glad you have re-joined us x

  7. It's amazing what spontaneously happens when you've been 'cut off' from cyber space ;o)

  8. Amazing what happens when we get bored! I expect Brian to bake for me next time😃

  9. Wonderful makes! Amazing how much we can get done without the internet :)

  10. Well done DH and DD for finding non-internet things to do - and well done you for having weathered 10 days internet free! I don't fancy that shopping in person stuff!


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