Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Internet Interrupted (2)

In the last week or so I made some Christmas Eve gifts for the great nephew and his sisters: I figured littlies get plenty of stuff at Christmas, so I would do a little something to open the night before: hopefully to help calm them down at bedtime. Sam and Nina are too young this year, and Emily is all grown up, but maybe it will work for Lulu!  These have been filled with pyjamas and Christmas story books
I also finished some sewing and embroidery for customers:

And following a family photo session (fifteen of us for Nanny's birthday), I just want to share with you this pic ... of everything I've ever made . . . These are my *best* creations!!

All 4 of us:

and all fifteen:


  1. Fab 'makes' especially your most precious ones :-)

  2. I adore your good/bad bag -- cutecutecute.
    Love the family photos - talented photographer.

  3. nice idea a Christmas eve pressie, lovely photos what a great party you must have had

  4. All AbFab especially the best creations ever.

  5. Bravo Benta for your wonderful family, well done.

  6. Lovely photos, and lovely gifts for your rellies! Lucky things!

  7. The Christmas Eve bags are a great idea Benta. Fab family photo too!


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