Tuesday 23 December 2014

Gifts from Girlfriends

Isn't it lovely when people give you *exactly* what you would have bought for yourself?

I met up with three girlfriends a few nights ago, and received two fab button mugs:

And a hand made hexi sewing travel kit -Jane, you are awesome!

I've nearly finished making gifts - thanks to Plum's fab tutorial I have made just a few covered notebooks for Santa to distribute on the day!


  1. Lovely gifts and your santa notebooks are great :)

  2. what a lovely start to the festivities x

  3. some very nice gifts you have revived and I am sure the books will be very welcome

  4. Cute mugs Benta, they will look even better filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows :)

    1. Lovely gifts - and I'm pleased that I'm not the only one making last minute book cover prezzies! Yours look really lovely, though!


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