Monday 29 December 2014

Measuring Time

The conventional way to measure time is, of course minutes and hours, but sometimes . . .

A wait for a hospital appointment . . .
51 basted hexies

The drive to Portsmouth:
34 hexies

but I don't mind these waits . . . Look how they are going together:

And one final photo - it was pointed out that you couldn't really see the Red Linen quilt as child and cat had obliterated most of the view, so here it is in (most) of it's glory:


  1. Did you sew this one to a fleece SAYG?

  2. Well you have been busy in the holidays (not least in appropriating the dearly departed daughter's room lol), hope you enjoy the remaining week too!

  3. your hexies are so colourful and the quilt looks great

  4. That is a great way to measure time, I think it could catch on Benta :)

  5. Hospital apt? Hope you are OK. Lovely bright hexies!

  6. I love the bright hexies and the red linen is fab

  7. I've been without a watch for a few months now, so I think that is as good a way as any to measure time :) Love the bright colours.

    The red linen quilt looks great, too.


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