Wednesday 14 October 2015

Fabulous Friends

Quilters are such lovely people! I'm sure you'll agree, but I want to give you two examples from just this week.

I met up with Plum (from PlumQuilts) at the Richmond and Kew quilters meeting on Monday evening, and she's not only helping me check in some quilts at our exhibition in 10 days time, she also brought me a whole load of Love Quilting magazines, and some selvedge edges

The second piece of excitement came in the post: Kathy (who blogs at RunningWithRocket) had a giveaway on her blog - a tissue holder for anyone who wanted one.  I chose aeroplane fabric (she has a plane in her back yard!) and it arrived today, but that just turned out to be a small part of the package!!!

It came wrapped in a paper pattern piece (what a great idea) and with chocolate washi tape!, all in a really pretty lacy plastic bag (not quite wrapped like this as I was too impatient to photograph first so I had to try and reassemble for pictures later!)

With TWO really useful zippy vinyl pouches

And what I first took to be a vintage sewing pattern. . .

. . . I know some people collect these, but they don't excite me very much, however it was much more exciting and useful than that . . . It's a note book!

Thank you Kathy and Plum - it's great to have you as my friends xxx


  1. It is so fun to get something in the mail. Hope you can use the zippy bags for your trip. I've really enjoyed getting to know you.
    I bought the lacey bags in Japan - they have the coolest wrapping things - my customers on etsy have really enjoyed these patterned cellophane bags.

  2. you are a lucky lady, the magazines will make good browsing when you have a coffee etc

  3. Quilters should rule the world, wouldn't it be a much nicer place!

    Brilliant notebook Benta, what a great parcel to receive

  4. Quilters are indeed lovely people x


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