Sunday 25 October 2015

Journeys with Jackie

Jackie has been over for the weekend, and while we've managed some fabric related stuff there has been a lots of travelling too!

First let me show you the great scissors pouch she made me, and these gorgeous knitted fingerless gloves.

She also brought me some more EPP templates for La Pass, and acrylic templates for cutting the fabric: thank you Jackie

On Friday we drove to Portsmouth (to collect mum) and then on to Eternal Maker - a fabulous fabric shop in Chichester. There was SO much lovely stuff, I struggled to make choices! Mum got herself a coffee while Jackie and I tried to make decisions!
In the end I bought this gorgeous grey-on-grey and these rainbow solids

And we got some pretty zips, then came home to play. Eternal Maker had instructions on their blog on how to use the zips, but it appears you need to *follow* the instructions - we go one successful boxy pouch, but it's partner declined to be photographed!

Unfortunately I'm a bit of a no-raw-edges snob, and this ended up with raw edges, so I'm done with these pretty zips

On Saturday we were going to Teddington to volunteer at a stall at the Richmond and Kew Quilt Exhibition. Teddington is near Twickenham, but also near Twickenham is the home of the 2015 Rugby World Cup - and on Saturday New Zealand was playing South  Africa in the first semi final, so we decided train was a safer choice than car.

The exhibition was great, and the quilts looked great in the fab setting. 

After we'd done our shift  we went on a few more stops to Kingston to visit Fabricland. I know at least one person (hello, A) who checks fabrics there with a lighter to make sure she really is buying 100% cotton but I just bought some home dec weight fabric for bags and done interfacing: no lighter necessary!

As we had the bag fabric, it made sense to make a bag. This one from Love P & Q looked fairly simple,

but it posed a few problems - maybe our fabric was too thick, or maybe we are!!!

We finally decided to adapt the pattern, and today we made a variation from our knowledge rather than the instructions!  I'll show you the result tomorrow!


  1. A most fabulous weekend with all the right ingredients x

  2. Lovely to shop with a fellow fabricholic. Who bought more?

  3. Boxy pouches are great! I like Noodlehead's tutorials but maybe these zips are just too tricky. Well we got there with the rugby so far, just the good old Aussies to beat now. But a quilt show would be better than a rugby game I reckon!

  4. what a lovely weekend you had with your friend K=Jackie and saw your Mum too,The gloves will ge good in the cold, I have even worn them when stitching! and a stitcher can never have too many stitchy things. Quilt show looked good and plenty of space to stand back and really admire the quilts. I struggle with instruction these days,have bought a few DVD`s that I can pause and rewind as often as needed! The zips are pretty but distract from the item I feel

  5. HAHA i know about not wanting to get pics of finishes - some of mine have been monstrous, LOL! The one you did photograph is very pretty though! I like the look of lace zippers - I bought 5 on Etsy - used one, then gave the rest away because I wasn't fond of actually installing them :D

    It sounds like you had a perfect weekend! I laughed about the fabric testing with a lighter story - hopefully she does it at home, and not in the store, lol! ;)

  6. What a great weekend! Good company, lovely presents, fabric shopping, some sewing and a quilt show - perfect :)

  7. Whew, exhausting just reading about it Benta!


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