Monday 5 October 2015

Mojo Monday

I had a few hours of 'me time' this afternoon, and I have a hundred and one (at least) projects I could (should?) be working on, but none of them really appealed.

I sat at the work bench and thunked, and my mojo came just when I needed it

I cut up a piece of cream loose weave fabric, into 1.5 inch squares, and pulled a few threads from each side.  I then gathered up a whole load of cream coloured treasures from the sewing room, and started sewing them onto the squares:


Ribbons and lace

Motifs, Suffolk puffs, and beads

 And tapes with words on them

And they currently look like this. 

I'm hoping I can find a frame for them.  I'm calling them inchies, although they are 50% bigger than inchies!


  1. What a productive afternoon, I love them.

  2. I thought you were going for cards. Framed is good though 😊

  3. what a lovely way to show off all your little treasures your mojo is certainly working overtime

  4. Lovely combo of inch-and-halves. They will look great framed.

  5. These are great! They will look lovely framed :)


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