Tuesday 27 October 2015

Two for Tuesday

Two different crafts today:

After mastering inset zips on various bags I've made, I found myself wondering if I could do reverse applique the same way. I think I may have seen this years ago, but decided to see if my thoughts/memories would work!

I started this by placing two pieces of my fabric RST and drawing a circle, and stitching around the circle.

I cut about 1/2 inch inside the stitching and reserved the two waste circles

I snipped into the concave seam allowance 

and pushed the fabric through the hole and pressed it.

I then placed a piece of scrap red behind the the hole and top stitched it in place.

I then repeated the process using the two waste circles

And then I used fusible fleece on the back and quilted circles both inside the red circles and around the outside.

I then had to leave this project to go on to the second crafty session . . .

For my second craft I was at Chertsey Museum with a group of kids making door hangers. As usual the museum and I supplied the resources and a sample, and as usual the kids far exceeded the suggestions and made some fab examples!  They added multiple pockets, secret pockets, pockets from jeans legs, bells, secret bells . . . There was no stopping them!


  1. well done your circles look wonderful x .. will leave them to you xx

  2. You've been busy. The children have done well on their makes.

  3. Well done and fun projects.

  4. EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek I love the reverse applique, and the quilting - the concentric overlapped quilting - is fantastic! I bet we'll be seeing a bag out of that pretty panel :D The kids did a great job with their panels - one of them even managed to complete one with my sister's initials (SB) - nice, lol!

  5. Look forward to seeing what you mean to do with that reverse applique Benta. Such crafty children you have at your classes, they always come up trumps :)

  6. your reverse applique has worked well, the kids are certainly doing very well at your classes how good to have so many that are wanting to stitch, get them whilst young and you have them for life! or so they say

  7. I love the reverse applique and the grey/red combo. Aren't children great they know no bounds!


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