Sunday 8 October 2017

2017 Wk 40 Bits and Pieces

A lovely afternoon at Chertsey Museum - making Autumn Wraps! We all started with an Ikea fleece blanket. We looked at two different design ideas
Ann made a poncho, the rest made a wrap
Take an Ikea fleece and fold in half lengthwise. Then fold in half width wise to mark the centre. Cut along the long fold from one end to the middle - about 1.5 inches from the fold, so you are cutting out a piece about 3" wide. Arrange so the solid section is at your back and the two thins section hang over each shoulder - you can throw one front jauntily over the other shoulder, and look as fab as the ladies!
Some then went on to decorate their wrap with embroidery, other salvaged the fleece scraps and made flowers
Next I went to Portsmouth to see mum. I gifted her the wrap I'd made - and that was very well received! Look at the fab view from her flat!

I just love when one of the girls comes home and asks "muuuummmmm..."! She was about to meet her boyfriend's baby nephew for the first time - and needed a quilt finished. Luckily it had been largely constructed but needed name embroidering and binding finishing

First problem was quickly solved
And then she got a quick lesson on sewing binding and off she went!

Me? I did some making too - some more of these porthole blocks. I'll take them to Richmond and Kew quilters tomorrow and see if I can work out the best arrangement - should all 4 patch blocks be made with with coloured portholes, or just some? Should the colours arranged randomly (randoku! Thanks Avril - it's a fab word) or in a pattern? Either way I'm loving the blocks


  1. I love what you did with the Ikea fleece and love the portholes xx

  2. You always amazing me with the amount of different things you make!

  3. Those Ikea blankets are very soft - I bet they feel warm and snuggly when worn :) The porthole blocks are fun and modern - I assume the circle is appliqued onto the 4 patch after it's constructed, so I think I would try mixing up blocks with and without the portholes - I think a more random version might look a bit less planned and formal than one with all the portholes evenly placed. Once you audition both ways you'll probably quite quickly decide you much prefer one over the other!

  4. Gosh, Benta, you’ve been busy again!
    The wraps look great.
    Your embroidery machine certainly saves time!
    Lovely view from your Mum’s place.
    Love the potholes, and random sounds good too!
    Barbara x


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