Wednesday 18 October 2017

2017 Wk 41 - people are so kind

There was a lot of post when I got in tonight - some keys (too boring to photograph) and some craft items - felting foam and condensed paper balls which are pretty boring compared to the main event

You may remember I made a rope bowl at the Knitting and Stitching show. I was inspired by the amazing bowls made by the lovely Kathy who has been a bloggy friend for many years! Kathy recently posted a couple of pictures of bowls that were off to overseas destinations - including England. I know she sells in her ETSY shop so assumed she'd sold to a customer in the UK (but I confess a little bit of me hoped differently !)
Well the most amazing package from Kathy was waiting for me today! I was far too impatient to take a pic before I started ripping into it, but inside the envelope was this


Under the coffee (yum) was this... (double yum!)


And wrapped in pattern paper (such a clever idea) was this!!!!!


And it gets better, as lurking under that bowl was another one!


You can't see them as I can - but I can assure you they are beautifully made - it really is worth visiting the shop!

But best of all was the letter that came with it - it made me cry!!!!! Be warned, and reach for tissues before you read this


Kathy - thank you so much! I am going to Jackie's in about ten days and will take hers to her



  1. Womderful gifts ans great memories.Enjoy!

  2. I have no words to describe how that letter made me feel. Such kindness leaves me speechless. I have had so many prayers and positive thoughts from people I have never met and it has filled me with happiness to know so many people have traveled this road with me. Thank you to everyone one of them and thank you Kathy for your overwhelming generosity. And thank you to Benta who has walked EVERY step with me. xx


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