Friday 13 October 2017

2017 Wk 41 Knitting and Stitching Show

I had a lovely day out today with my friend Jane. It was supposed to be Jackie but she had to cancel her trip over so Jane came to keep me company!
I *may* have done a little bit of shopping, and we did two classes. In one we were aiming for this gorgeous owl

Jane finished hers tonight, and he's looking fab

Mine isn't looking quite as detailed!

My shopping haul . . . Fabric, bonding powder, pants, safety pins and a bracelet

The pink bowl and the to-be-finished owl were made in classes, and the felt sheets and felted pebbles were simply because they were gorgeous and cheap!

I also bought some fun vinyl £1 notes! I think I feel some zippy pencil cases coming up. (The notes were <£1 each)

And it was great to see Fiona's 'book cover' on the wall

In other news . . . Plum's daughters' school is contributing to the 70273 project. You can read about the project here but in summary it is to remember physically and mentally disbanded people murdered by the Nazis. . This project aims to gather 70,273 blocks of fabric, marked with two redcrosses to commemorate the number of physically and mentally disabled men, women and children who were murdered between January 1940 and August 1941 in the Aktion T4 Programme - a largely unrecognised atrocitywhich only received a memorial to the victims in 2014.
The two red crosses represent the marks made by the assessing Doctors as to whether the person was deemed ‘unfit’ or an economic burden on Nazi society. It is such a simple symbol, and in this project, the simplicity with which someone could sign someone’s life away is turned into a symbol of love and strength. The white fabric represents the sheet of paper that their death sentence was signed on. Seeing the crosses stitched together sends a powerful message of tolerance, community and love. Its impact comes from the huge variety of these two red marks - each beautiful in their own perfectly imperfect way.

I have done some blocks for the girls to add to their contribution

Avril gave me a lovely birthday pressie - a really pretty note book and some lush buttons!


  1. Perhaps your owl is a a girl, Benta - usually the male birds are more colourful than the females! I think Mother Nature made a bit of a mistake with that decision, lol. Fun shopping - the pencil case(s) will be cute made from the money vinyl :D Sad about the 70273 atrocities - that's a time in history that we need to learn much from - especially with the way things are going with certain world leaders :(

  2. The bowl!!!!
    I think you are getting a belated birthday pressie soon if it flys through customs.

  3. So gorgeous owl.Have fun playing with your goodies!!


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