Sunday 29 October 2017

2017 Wk 43 - back in my happy place

Jackie and I haven't met up since June as nature and family life have conspired against us (I almost didn't make it here this weekend having missed my original flight!) but I'm finally here

In my happy place with my favourite person

(Oh gawd - how many chins do I have???)

Let's look at the happy place instead


Anyway, having *finally* got here we spent today mostly sewing of course!

Japanese knot bags


Magic pouches (thank you Sandra for encouraging me to persevere with these, it was easier this time!)


And a simple zippy pouch with a fun zip arrangement


We also made a quilt for a colleague for one of her boys


And she taught me how to do basket weave crochet (taught herself then taught me - yes the even shaped top one is hers!) Thanks Amo - you were right, I have got the hang of the stitch, even if my tension is far too tight


I handed over a few bits I had made / bought for her, and the gorgeous rope bowl from Kathy! There was also a goodie bag for me! Lovely goodies!

Thank you Jackie Xxx



  1. Glad you are up to no good.

  2. Benta you always have so much fun - between fun projects, and fun friends, and fun travel, and fun fabrics and notions - you must smile ALL the time! Everything looks great, but of course I'm smiling about your Magic Pouches - aren't they fun? And so useful! I've made over 2 dozen now, LOL!

  3. It was such a fun weekend. Roll on the next one!


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