Saturday 14 October 2017

2017 Wk 41 twit twoo

I had hoped to spend the day either creating or at least fondling and stroking my new purchases, but it didn't work out like that - we have spent a lot of it working on the parish accounts - tedious work, and an afternoon I will never get back! Still, while supervising husband I managed to finish Mr Owl - isn't he cute


I probably ought to spend tomorrow tidying my sewing room - then I can concentrate on the fondling and stroking!


And finally - a bit of really good news - the girls have finally exchanged contracts - and next Friday this will be theirs (along, of course, with a life time of debt!)


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  1. Such a sweet owl Benta, he is just crying out to be stroked!
    Congratulations to the girls too, lots of new stitching opportunities for you ahead :)


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