Monday 23 October 2017

2017 Wk 42 - birthday bash

Very little making happened this weekend (although I have high hopes for next weekend) as on Friday the girls *finally* got their keys (so we all got cleaning- I think the kitchen has been done 4 times now!)

And then Saturday and Sunday were spent celebrating this amazing woman (my mother-in-law)'s 90th birthday!!!!!
(Do you like her sash??)
We didn't get a group picture - we should have done - but there were 17 of us: all her children and grandchildren (all with partners) and all four great grand children - and we had a really lovely time!
Even though it was her birthday I got two awesome gifts. One was my birthday pressie from one of the nephews and his wife - these gorgeous FQs

And the other (be still my beating heart) arrived by post - from Amo, in exchange for the doggy patches I made her a few weeks ago. So I made these

And in exchange I got an Amo original that far exceeds anything I was even hoping for!

Amo my friend you are a very talented lady!! As I look at this on the wall and these bowls in front on me . . .

. . . And think of other goodies I have received as swaps or gifts from Kathy, Amo, Plum, Avril and Jackie (to mention just a few) I am filled with pride that I have been "deemed worthy" of receiving these wonderful things - and thank you all for being part of my world, and allowing me to be part of yours!


  1. Happiness all round Benta, the handmade picture is stunning!

  2. A very Happy Birthday to your mother-in-law! She looks wonderful with her sash. And congrats to your girls too. The gifts you've received are amazing and very well deserved :)

  3. Happy Birthday Mrs H Senior!! I'm glad you like the picture and thank you again for your help.

    I did reply to this, and a couple of other of your posts but through bloglovin and they don't seem to have shown up. I'm struggling at mo!!


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